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HIV Information

Correct HIV information is crucial, especially for teenagers. Our education system should provide all the necessary information in order to keep our children safe and sound. Nevertheless, if I ask around, I am really shocked about the ignorance and the myths about HIV. You’ve heard the old speech - “when two people fall in love…” - you know the rest. However, it might have paid off to play closer attention to the story about the birds and the bees. Lack of knowledge, or plain, flat out ignorance leads 1 in 4 Americans to contract HIV – that’s 1 every 10 seconds!  Teens and young adults are at the highest risk, due to the incidence of promiscuous, unprotected sex. While half of HIV cases are found in homosexual individuals, heterosexual couples are at equal risk. The disease does not discriminate – it can be contracted during the first contact. Read more »

Effects Of Stress On The Body

The effects of stress on the body are largely underestimated. Stress can be a silent killer, with high blood pressure, hearth problems, digestive trouble or sleep difficulties. The best way to avoid stress is still live a healthy life: not to much alcohol, coffee, junk food, partying and stress on the workfloor. Take the time to sit down in the park and watch the grass grow. No human being on this planet likes to be burdened by stress and/or anxiety. Sadly for most of us, this can be difficult to avoid at times. As we all know, life tends to come with stress and stressful situations. How can we avoid all this madness? Hmm, that’s no easy question to answer, nor does it have one solution. People who tell me they don’t let anything get to them, or never let other individuals bother them are plain and simply lying. This is not realistic! We’re all afflicted by some things and some people. The key is to not let it get the best of us, and deal with it the best we can. There’s no doubt this can seem impossible on occasion. In these cases the effects of stress on the body can be great. Now, are you ready to deal? Read more »

Early Signs Of Pregnancy Revealed

Most women experience one or more periods in their life when they think the’re pregnant. The early signs of pregnancy are really important because everything is better than living in that insecurity. But of course you always have to check with a pregnancy test and/or a doctor’s visit. Knowing whether your not you are expecting is very important. There are many reasons that women need to know the early signs of pregnancy. A woman who is expecting has to make some life changes in most cases. Many of these changes have to occur as soon as possible. Having the early signs of pregnancy can help you prepare for your journey. Read more »

Devastating Effects Of Anorexia

Anorexia is a terrible disease, because it starts so sneaky and innocent. All families can be treatened, expecially families with young girls. The effects of anorexia are really devastating, on both the body as the psyche of the patient. Recovery takes a long time and special attention for the eating habits is necessary during a lifetime. Eating disorders have been a significant problem in the United States and in the rest of the western world for many years. Anorexia nervosa is one of the most dangerous of the disorders. The condition is psychological in nature but the effects of anorexia can be detrimental to a person’s health as well. Read more »