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Archive for October, 2006

Baldness Treatments Online

Hair, hair, hair. Some people have to much of it on undesirable places, other people mourn because the last pieces of their youth seem to evaporate with the last hairs on their skull. Hair: wanted or unwanted? Are you a hair person? When I ask this I am basically questioning your love for hair. […]

Atkins Diet And Carbohydrates

The Atkins Diet and Carbohydrates intake: hot hot hot topic a few years ago. Was it another weight loss hype, not to be remembered anymore in ten years, or did this typical diet have some original ever lasting wisdom in it… Oh the infamous Atkins diet, where did you go? There was a time in […]

Asthma And Smoking Is A Deadly Combination

Our previous post about asthma and natural cures got a ton of reactions. A few people asked me what about asthma and smoking …. I can’t imagine that someone who is really suffering from asthma does smoke, but yes, they exist. Do you have asthma? I can imagine that this would be a horrible affliction […]

Natural And Herbal Cures For Asthma

Allergies are getting part of our modern society as never before. The number of people suffering from asthma and allergies has tripled in the last thirty years. Of course the pharma industry is focusing on this ever growing group of customers, but are there any natural or herbal cures for asthma? We live in a culture which […]