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Archive for November, 2006

Alternative Cancer Treatment Discussion

Alternative cancer treatment is a very touchy and sensitive subject. It seems that you have two completely separated sides, that don’t want to consider any argument by the other side. The research on treatment for cancers develops new medicines almost every month, but still this terrible illness is not beaten… I’ve worked as a therapist for […]

Aesthetic Dentistry For Children

Aesthetic dentistry has really exploded during the last decade. In every family home you can see sign of it (on the children of course…) and if something has to be corrected, my dentist told me that the sooner the better is sound advice. Thank God for aesthetic dentistry. Hey, am I right here or am […]

American Hearth Association CPR

The American Hearth Association CPR should be a familiar item for everybody. The training can be very useful for your family, your work environment, your school,… Hopefully you will never have to use your trained skills, but if you do, you’re better off with some good solid training. As a teacher, American heart association cpr […]

Abortion Clinics Pro And Contra

Abortion clinics: lots of people have an opinion about this, but few people actually face this kind of difficult situations. There are many difficult decisions we make in our lives. It’s easy to say that one of the greatest ones commonly concerns children. You either decide to have them or you don’t. For me it’s […]