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Archive for February, 2007

Herbal Medicine Discoveries

Herbal medicine is not regarded anymore as some hocus pocus of a retarded person. As a matter of fact, the number of molecules that can be found in various medicinal plants is quite unlimited. Hundreds of years are still necessary to discover most of these molecules, and to develop their therapeutical powers… Plant medicines have a history of […]

Blood Pressure Readings Equipment

Do you get your blood pressure readings regularly? Well, if you’re 25 it’s normal that you are not concerned, but if you are getting 45 it should be a normal routine to get your blood pressure readings on a regular base. Or you let the doctor take care of it, or you take your blood […]

Cosmetic Laser Surgery Info

Cosmetic laser surgery clinics are popping up everywhere. But please admit it… the advertisements, the magazines, the newsflashes, TV programs: they all try to give you the idea about what a perfect person should look like. If you have some minor acne scars, if you’re teeth are not completely perfect: don’t bother, it’s just the essential […]