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Allergic Reactions Can Be Treated

Everybody can develop allergic reactions. You can have hay fever, polen allergy, skin rashes, allergic reactons to fruits and vegetables.. You name it, and somebody is definitely allergic to it! There is nothing that can ruin your day like allergic reactions, and as a longtime allergy sufferer, I should know. The discomfort of this condition is rather difficult to describe. For me, my allergic reactions are almost always caused by pollen and such things in the air. I will be walking down the street, feeling just about fine, and all of the sudden,  allergic reactions will strike. My nose will get stuffy and itchy, my eyes will get watery, and I will suddenly have difficulty breathing. Alternately, sometimes my allergic reaction is more subtle than that. Occasionally, I will wake up, already fully congested and just absolutely miserable. As the day goes on, my throat will continue to itch, and the more time I spend outside, the worse things get until the  allergic reactions are just too much and I have to lie down.

Of course, my allergic reactions are unusually strong, and I generally have to undergo more allergy treatment than most sufferers. Many people use antihistamines to treat  allergic reactions and just end it there, but for me it is not all so simple. Not only do I have to use an antihistamine, but I actually have to use two of them. I also have to use a decongestant. On top of it all – as if that were not enough already – I have to get shots for my  allergic reactions. These shots make my arms swell up for hours some time, in which case I have to get adrenaline shots just to make the  allergic reactions calm down. Lets face it; I’m a wreck.

Now, what I’ve been doing recently has gone some ways towards making my allergic reaction not so severe as it was before. I have been finally following my doctors tips. First of all, I have been enthusiastically cleaning out my house, making sure that dust and mold have no place to hide out and make me sick. At first, this stirs up my  allergic reactions, but eventually it causes them to subside once all of that junk is out of the air. Besides this, I have been eating right. This means cutting out fatty food, and all things caffeinated or processed. Also,  allergic reactions can be decreased according to some experts, by eating more vegetables and simple whole grains. All of this has done fabulous things towards making me feel healthier than ever, and that is the most important thing!

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