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Asthma And Smoking Is A Deadly Combination

Our previous┬ápost about asthma and natural cures got a ton of reactions. A few people asked me what about asthma and smoking …. I can’t imagine that someone who is really suffering from asthma does smoke, but yes, they exist. Do you have asthma? I can imagine that this would be a horrible affliction to deal with on a daily basis. I can still remember a fellow classmate back in the 8th grade who suffered from asthma. I would assume he had it pretty severe since he was puffing on his inhaler each day in gym class. One day when we arrived at school, a voice came over the intercom and everyone grew silent. We were all in shock at the announcement of the kid’s death. Apparently his younger brother had found him having and asthma attack, but could not call the paramedics in time. It was a tragedy to say the least. Yes indeed, asthma can be a very serious burden. This is the reason I can’t fathom why folks mix asthma and smoking. Smoking is ignorant already. But the fact that individuals with asthma do it is idiotic.

What do you know about asthma and smoking? Are you a smoker who battles asthma on a regular basis as well? What is your reason for smoking? You must know that it worsens your asthma condition, and leaves you more susceptible to an asthma attack. Therefore I can’t comprehend why you would choose to smoke. Sure, if it was forced on you, then it may make sense, but in reality everyone has the choice not to smoke. I wish asthma was the same. When I see people smoking, I basically assume they’re lacking crucial knowledge or are just altogether weak. I don’t buy into the garbage that people were curious and unfortunately got addicted at an early age. Boo hoo! I was a kid once too. I was offered cigarettes on a number of occasions by friends who smoked. Did I ever take one puff? Nope. I never tried smoking simply because nothing good comes from it. It’s an addiction with a whole lot of cons and no pros. Then there is asthma and smoking. The two plain and simply do not mix. Everyone knows these things by now. Heck, even my seven year old knows.

Are you putting yourself at risk by having asthma and smoking? This is a rather glib choice, folks. I think it’s high time you were educated properly. Get all the most current facts on asthma and smoking now. All you need to do so is your personal computer and online access. So get on the web and discover why asthma and smoking do not mix. This information could very well save your life. Look here for all the information about asthma and allergies.

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