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Atkins Diet And Carbohydrates

The Atkins Diet and Carbohydrates intake: hot hot hot topic a few years ago. Was it another weight loss hype, not to be remembered anymore in ten years, or did this typical diet have some original ever lasting wisdom in it… Oh the infamous Atkins diet, where did you go? There was a time in our not so distant past that this country was absolutely fixated with the Atkins diet. Since that time, carbohydrates have been the enemy. Breads and pastas everywhere cannot find good homes. Muffins and cookies have been left out in the cold. I won’t even mention the cruel fate faced by the cupcakes. Why was this anti-carbohydrate diet so popular? More importantly, why was it so powerful? How did it change our nation and its eating philosophy forever?

Perhaps the Atkins diet appealed to so many dieters because it seemed simple. Many dieters prefer to have strict rules and regulations to guide them through weight loss. Meat is good. Carbs are bad. These mantras were heard all around our country. Restaurants saw dramatic changes in what their customers were ordering. Even bars felt the fad as diet coke and bicardi became a slogan and billboards promoting the diet-friendly cocktail sprung up over cities.

We have lived off of grains and carbohydrates for centuries. Why it did take us so long to realize that they are bad for us? I think that many people gravitated toward the Atkins diet because of its meaty foundation. Americans are meat lovers and we prove it every holiday. We have even invented holidays so that we could spend more time by the grill. Meat, meat, meat as an idea was simple and easy to remember.

The focus of meat in the Atkins diet was much easier to implement and more easily accepted than an anti-meat diet would have been. I cannot imagine a large cross-section of America easily letting go of their barbeque anytime soon. The Atkins diet did come under some scrutiny from those that thought it did not do enough to promote the eating of fruits and vegetables. Others believed that a strict no carbohydrate diet was too much for systems that were used to carbs and had been ingesting them all of their lives.

Whether you follow the Atkins diet or another kind of diet, the bottom line is that weight loss equals eating less and exercising more. Regardless of what you eat, you must eat less in order to shed pounds. Weight loss is all about numbers. You want to take in fewer calories and expend more. I do not believe that dieters, unless they have a specific food allergy or complication, have to give up any type of food in order to lose weight. Moderation is the key and determination is a must.


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