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Attention Deficit Disorder Diagnosis Confusion

Medical science has done great things for our living conditions. But like in the Zen philosophy jin and yang, there is no good without evil and vice versa. One of the more negative things in our modern society is the overkill of medical treatments and diagnosis: if your child is not acting according to the so called standard behaviour, there must be something wrong.. There are some things in this world that get abused for what would seem like no good reason at all. There are a few of my friends who say the Asperger’s diagnosis is something that is given out too freely, and many of these children are being labeled with something they don’t have, and something that makes them different from everyone else. They are not saying that there are not children who have this condition, but they think the label is being slapped on any child that might have speech problems or might be shy. The same thing happened with the attention deficit disorder diagnosis.

Both of my brothers had ADD, though one had it before it was really something that doctors diagnosed. They were both very bad cases, and it was obvious that something was going on with them. However, there are many children that might be labeled with this today that I would just call ‘spirited’. This would include my daughter. I would strongly suggest a teacher think twice before trying to tell me that she has this problem. I have had people tell me their children had the attention deficit disorder diagnosis, and I could not figure out why. Apparently it is not enough to let children just be children. They must be controlled.

Some otherwise healthy children were diagnosed, and then put on drugs that they did not need. It’s no wonder that parents are so confused, and that teachers are trying to say so many have it. Classrooms are larger, and this does not help a child settle down and pay attention. I would guess that half of the attention deficit disorder diagnosis that are made are false. Instead of funding schools so teachers have more manageable classes, they just drug the children. Though many teachers are great, there are also some who just don’t want to do their jobs. If you don’t want to teach children that might not sit still all of the time, its common sense that you don’t teach kindergarten.

I am of the opinion that if a child gets an attention deficit disorder diagnosis when they have a very mild and questionable case, that child is going to be messed up. It’s not easy living with a label, yet so many want to give a label to every single child they meet. Children are not allowed to be hyper, or shy, or even a little behind their classmates anymore. There must be something wrong with them. I guess we’ve all forgotten that all children are different and that they all grow up differently. Put the drugs away and give the kids a fighting chance.

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