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Avian Pandemic Danger

What will be the consequences of an avian pandemic? Of course we are not anymore in dark middle ages, but just imagine a worldwide wave of avian flu disasters, with millions of people suffering and dying. Even in the last century we had a flu pandemic - the Spanish flu in 1918 to be exact - that infected a great deal of the world populatin of that time. It seems that it was almost a year ago when I started hearing about the possibility of an avian pandemic. There were stories all over the news about possible cases of avian flu on the other side of the world. It reminded me of someone I knew in college. He was always talking about the avian flu and how it would one day spell disaster for the human race. Though most of his ramblings were jokes, there was some truth in what he had to say. He truly believed that this was something of which we should be afraid. Even though I hate to admit it now, he may have been right.

However, it seems that despite all the warnings about and avian pandemic, nothing has come of it so far. There are some stories here and there about a flu break out that may be dangerous, but as far as the avian pandemic, nothing seems to have come of it. This of course, is good news. There are still warnings out there, and there are still new stories. This means that the government has not given up on the idea that there may indeed be an avian pandemic in our future.

Though everyone has a different opinion about whether an avian pandemic will occur, everyone needs to be prepared in case it does happen. Though it may sound alarmist, there are many things that have happened that we never dreamed would come to pass. If you think of the natural disasters, and all of the terrorist activities in the last five to ten years, you should realize that anything, including an avian pandemic, can occur at any time. Do you want to be left without the essentials if it were to happen?

Perhaps the best thing to do to prepare for an avian pandemic is to have a good emergency kit in your home. Remember that if such a thing were to occur, you may be cut off from the rest of the world. When something like an avian pandemic spreads, people will not want to leave their homes. This means that you should have everything you need for at least three or four weeks. Governments and community networks may break down, and you may not have access to anything, and this includes electricity and medical care. You don’t have to freak out about the possibility of an avian pandemic, but it is in your best interest to be prepared.

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