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Blood Test Routine

Having a blood test is nothing spectacular and it should be part of your regular check-ups! If you are getting a bit older then it is important to have knowledge about cholesterol levels and so on, and if you’re younger you maybe need a blood test for other conditions. There are many times in your life when you may have to take a blood test, and I hope that these are all happy occasions for you. There are many things they can tell by taking your blood, and you may have to do these for things you never expected. Though most drug testing is done by urine, there may be a time when they have to take your blood to see what is going on. You may have to have one for pregnancy testing, and often a blood test is used as a first means of seeing what is going on when there is something wrong with you.

I remember a few years ago that I took blood test after blood test while trying to conceive. My husband and I were having trouble getting pregnant, and I was put on Clomid – a low-grade fertility pill – in order to stimulate ovulation to up our chances of getting pregnant. It was somewhat successful, but unfortunately, I was suffering from miscarriages. I had to get tests to see if I was pregnant, and then when the bleeding started, I would have to go back for yet another blood test to see if the amounts of pregnancy indicating hormones in my system were going up and down. Unfortunately, they were going down each time.

After I got through that ordeal a few times, we put off trying to have a baby of our own. Our niece lives with us, and is essentially our daughter, but I do hope one day we will add to our family. I couldn’t take any more of the heartache, however, so we are waiting for a bit before we try again. At least at this point I know what I might have to go through the next time we try, so I won’t be so worked up and uptight about getting a blood test. I have heard that they are common things during pregnancy anyway, so it’s better that I am used to them. Drawing blood used to make me sick, but I can deal with it now.

If you have to go for a blood test for any reason, make sure you tell someone if you are prone to fainting when you have blood drawn. This is always nice information to give, and those that have been drawing blood for a living for a long time might have ways to distract you or make the process easier so that you don’t pass out.

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