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Archive for 'Asthma'

Asthma And Smoking Is A Deadly Combination

Our previous post about asthma and natural cures got a ton of reactions. A few people asked me what about asthma and smoking …. I can’t imagine that someone who is really suffering from asthma does smoke, but yes, they exist. Do you have asthma? I can imagine that this would be a horrible affliction […]

Natural And Herbal Cures For Asthma

Allergies are getting part of our modern society as never before. The number of people suffering from asthma and allergies has tripled in the last thirty years. Of course the pharma industry is focusing on this ever growing group of customers, but are there any natural or herbal cures for asthma? We live in a culture which […]

Allergic Reactions Can Be Treated

Everybody can develop allergic reactions. You can have hay fever, polen allergy, skin rashes, allergic reactons to fruits and vegetables.. You name it, and somebody is definitely allergic to it! There is nothing that can ruin your day like allergic reactions, and as a longtime allergy sufferer, I should know. The discomfort of this […]

Asthma And Exercise

You know everybody should engage in some sort of aerobic activity. It keeps your heart and lungs healthy, and your muscles toned and strong. In ancient times, our bodies had to work all the time. In modern times we really have to replace that natural behaviour and do some aerobic exercise. Even people with asthma […]