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Blood Test Routine

Having a blood test is nothing spectacular and it should be part of your regular check-ups! If you are getting a bit older then it is important to have knowledge about cholesterol levels and so on, and if you’re younger you maybe need a blood test for other conditions. There are many times in […]

Bladder Infection Remedies And Cures

Most women suffered bladder infections from time to time in their life time. And if that is not the case for you, you’re exceptionally lucky! Of course blaader infections are not life treatening, but at the same time, you have to do something about it before it gets out of hand. Anyone who has suffered a bladder […]

Boosting Your Metabolism And Live Longer

Everybody knows nowadays that in order to feel fit, lose weight, lower your blood pressure and stay healthy during a long life, you have to do two things: lower your intake of (empty) calories and boost your metabolism. Boosting your metabolism doesn”t mean you have to drink exotic teas or take toxic pills! All you […]

Avian Pandemic Danger

What will be the consequences of an avian pandemic? Of course we are not anymore in dark middle ages, but just imagine a worldwide wave of avian flu disasters, with millions of people suffering and dying. Even in the last century we had a flu pandemic - the Spanish flu in 1918 to be exact - that infected a […]