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Avian Flu Symptoms And Treatment

Since ancient times mankind has suffered from waves of virus-attacks. Who doesn’t know the “black plague” that decimated whole populations until some decades ago? And who can forget the HIV-virus that we know since 25 years by now. Avian flu is another possible treat to mankind, and the danger becomes bigger and bigger because of […]

Best Plastic Surgery Doctors

I am not very enthusiastic about plastic surgery. Of course there is a need for corrective surgery, but the whole hype about plastic “improvements” of your body is what it is: a hype. I go for natural beauty. Nevertheless, if you want to undergo some plastic surgery, please make sure you get the best plastic […]

Acid Reflux Remedies For Millions Of People

Acid Reflux Remedies can be simple, easy and natural. If you google a bit on the term you will find tens of sites about acid reflux and natural remedies. Of course you can change your diet, or you can write it down for a few weeks and check out what is actually causing the acid […]

Herbal Medicine Discoveries

Herbal medicine is not regarded anymore as some hocus pocus of a retarded person. As a matter of fact, the number of molecules that can be found in various medicinal plants is quite unlimited. Hundreds of years are still necessary to discover most of these molecules, and to develop their therapeutical powers… Plant medicines have a history of […]