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Archive for 'Health Issues'

HIV Information

Correct HIV information is crucial, especially for teenagers. Our education system should provide all the necessary information in order to keep our children safe and sound. Nevertheless, if I ask around, I am really shocked about the ignorance and the myths about HIV. You’ve heard the old speech - “when two people fall in love…” […]

Effects Of Stress On The Body

The effects of stress on the body are largely underestimated. Stress can be a silent killer, with high blood pressure, hearth problems, digestive trouble or sleep difficulties. The best way to avoid stress is still live a healthy life: not to much alcohol, coffee, junk food, partying and stress on the workfloor. Take the time […]

Devastating Effects Of Anorexia

Anorexia is a terrible disease, because it starts so sneaky and innocent. All families can be treatened, expecially families with young girls. The effects of anorexia are really devastating, on both the body as the psyche of the patient. Recovery takes a long time and special attention for the eating habits is necessary during a lifetime. […]