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Archive for 'Pregnancy'

Stretch Marks And Pregnancy

Stretch marks and pregnancy… the worries of every mother to be. Can you prevent stretch marks, and can you treat them? One thing you are never fully aware of when you become pregnant is about stretch marks.  People tend to tell you about just about everything else under the sun that plagued them during […]

Early Pregnancy Testing At Home

Getting pregnant and delivering a baby is one of the highlights in one’s existence, both for the mother as for the father. That said, knowing for sure if you are pregnant or not, can be really stressfull. But today you don’t have to go to visit the doctor anymore for that reason, just have […]

Delivering By C-section

One of the hot topics about child birth remains the “C-section”. Is it safe? When is it applied? What are the risks and so on… In many instances, there is a significant chance that during childbirth a woman will deliver by C-section, or Cesarean section, which is a surgical incision made in the abdomen […]