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Archive for 'Weight Loss'

Effects Of Anorexia Are Serious

The ultimate nightmare for parents is watching your dear child slowly hurting and killing herself. The human mind is a miracle of complex systems and networking neurons. I don’t think we will live the day that our brain is fully disclosed. We have to try and take of the problems that our children are facing today! […]

Atkins Diet And Carbohydrates

The Atkins Diet and Carbohydrates intake: hot hot hot topic a few years ago. Was it another weight loss hype, not to be remembered anymore in ten years, or did this typical diet have some original ever lasting wisdom in it… Oh the infamous Atkins diet, where did you go? There was a time in […]

Best Weight Loss System

If you are looking for an ultimate weight loss system, you have to go through a lot of crap. Most of the information you find is purely commercial and therefore biased. Is there really a “best” weight loss system?  Is there one that is the fastest?  Is there one that is hella cheap and […]