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Causes Of Baldness Discovered

The causes of baldness stayed a mystery for centuries. Nowadays a bunch of scientists are┬ádiscovering the causes and developing remedies. Maybe the loss of your hair is not inevitable at all? If you could prevent baldness, wouldn’t you take the trouble to read further… You would think with all the hardships in life, there would be no room for anymore. On the contrary, there always seems to be just enough space for one more to slip into your life. It may not be when you’re 30 and it may not occur when you’re 40, but the odds are against you my friend. Yeah, I’m talking about male and female pattern baldness. Chances are you’re going to get a dose of this harsh reality. Over two thirds on men do. So, I’ll bet you want to know and understand the causes of baldness. Well of course you do! It’s always better to prevent something nasty from occurring, rather than grapple with it once it happens.

So I was doing some interesting reading yesterday, and I came across a few causes of baldness. Okay, I’m a bad liar. The truth is I looked it up. What, does someone have a problem with that? There’s nothing lame about searching the web for common causes of baldness. Of course you may be wondering what prompted me to do so. Well, here’s the truth. I was chatting casually with my wife the other day, and we suddenly got on the topic of hair. I said to her “I can’t really tell if I’ve lost any hair yet. Does it look like I have?” She gazed upon my styled head of hair with a squint in her eye, and replied with a tentative “No, I don’t guess.” Ah ha, she’s not sure. You know what else; I wasn’t too sure either. It was time to look back at those senior pictures from when I was 18. So I did, and from what I can tell, my forehead has gotten a little bit bigger. Nothing extreme, but a small change. This was all I needed to begin my research. I started a Google search for “causes of baldness.” The primary one that came up was plain and simple genetics. Good old male pattern baldness. However, there apparently are steps you can take to prevent the loss of more hair. There are oral supplements available, along with hair care products like shampoo and conditioner. These products contain DHT blockers. DHT is the stuff that ruins your dew. Luckily we now have products available with DHT blockers in order to prevent the hair loss process.

You don’t need a prescription if you’re looking for some preventative hair loss treatments. Try the local drug store or choose from a variety online. These days we do know the main causes of baldness, and we have the power to do something about them.

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