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Effective Spider Vein Treatments

There are several different and effective spider vein treatments. Of course your doctor is best placed to advise you on which therapy can be best for you. On the other hand, searching for informatino never did wrong to anybody… If you are looking for an effective spider vein treatment there are a couple of options available. Most people who seek help for this kind of problem find solutions in either sclerotherapy or laser treatments. Both approaches are very useful spider vein treatments that have been used for a number of yours.

Sclerotherapy basically involves injecting a solution right into the affected area. This spider vein treatment requires that the patient wears clothing that leaves the affected veins uncovered while the process is under way. This will help the physician do his work without interference.

During the two weeks before the appointment for the spider vein treatment your doctor will probably instruct you to avoid alcoholic beverages as well as any type of supplement or medication that might thin your blood. This will keep you from bleeding excessively during the actual procedure.

Of course, you also want to keep your skin free of any lotions or sunscreens immediately before the appointment as well. Once you have arrived in comfortable clothes and clean skin you are ready for the spider vein treatment. The doctor will simply clean the area and inject a solution right into the affected vein.

The only thing that needs to be done next in the sclerotherapy spider vein treatment is bandaging. The doctor works on one section at a time and completes the entire procedure in under an hour. Some people find that they have to make a second visit for particularly stubborn veins.

Laser treatment is growing in popularity and it has become the spider vein treatment of choice for certain types of conditions. This approach is designed for relatively small, surface veins rather than deep, troublesome ones. Most people find that laser treatment is wonderful for the tiny surface veins that pop up on the face.

This approach isn’t very effective for deeper spider veins found on the legs but some still use the technique on this area. Most find success with a combination of sclerotherapy and lasers as the ideal spider vein treatment.

If you are looking for help with varicose veins you may want to look elsewhere. Both of these techniques are very effective as a spider vein treatment but they will not work on painful, thick varicose veins. These usually require a more intrusive procedure.

Of course, the best way to find which spider vein treatment is best for your particular needs is to consult your physician. He will be able to lead you in the right direction.


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