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Boosting Your Metabolism And Live Longer

Everybody knows nowadays that in order to feel fit, lose weight, lower your blood pressure and stay healthy during a long life, you have to do two things: lower your intake of (empty) calories and boost your metabolism. Boosting your metabolism doesn”t mean you have to drink exotic teas or take toxic pills! All you have to do is a bit of regular exercise. You may have heard that by boosting your metabolism you can lose more weight. While this is true, you may not have to work as hard as you thought to do it. It’s not a magic formula really; it is more of a matter of getting your body working the way it is supposed to be working. Though you may hear that your metabolism will slow down as you get older, you should know this is only by a small percentage. If you are over forty for fifty and trying to lose weight, don’t think your metabolism has slowed down naturally and you can’t get it working well again. You can, and it won’t be too hard. Read more »

Avian Pandemic Danger

What will be the consequences of an avian pandemic? Of course we are not anymore in dark middle ages, but just imagine a worldwide wave of avian flu disasters, with millions of people suffering and dying. Even in the last century we had a flu pandemic - the Spanish flu in 1918 to be exact - that infected a great deal of the world populatin of that time. It seems that it was almost a year ago when I started hearing about the possibility of an avian pandemic. There were stories all over the news about possible cases of avian flu on the other side of the world. It reminded me of someone I knew in college. He was always talking about the avian flu and how it would one day spell disaster for the human race. Though most of his ramblings were jokes, there was some truth in what he had to say. He truly believed that this was something of which we should be afraid. Even though I hate to admit it now, he may have been right. Read more »

Avian Flu Symptoms And Treatment

Since ancient times mankind has suffered from waves of virus-attacks. Who doesn’t know the “black plague” that decimated whole populations until some decades ago? And who can forget the HIV-virus that we know since 25 years by now. Avian flu is another possible treat to mankind, and the danger becomes bigger and bigger because of our modern technology: people travel around the world in a few hours, and so do these viruses. Avian flu is described as a “potential pandemic”. Avian flu, known as H5N1, could easily mix with the human flu virus to create a new virus.  In Asia, flocks of poultry have been found to be infected with the Avian flu. Luckily for humans, precautionary measures can be taken to avoid catching the deadly virus. However, a thorough understanding of the virus and Avian flu symptoms, is needed. Read more »

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Remedies

If you have a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, life can be a real struggle. Of course this condition asks for special care and education, and until this disorder is diagnosed you simply don’t know what’s happening. Allthough this condition will need special attention for the rest of your kids life, it can be so that when a child grows up, ADHD can actually be an advantage for a lot of activities. Most of the time, kids with ADHD are very talented. When my brothers were young, they were labeled as bad kids. It wasn’t fair to them, but there wasn’t much to explain many of the things that they did. When they were young, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder was not something that was known. They both had it. There are many children who are labeled with this today who don’t have it, and I think that’s a shame. There is a huge difference between a spirited child and one who made need extra help. I think we have forgotten how to let children be children, and the ones who really do need help are falling through the cracks. Read more »