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Stages Of Pregnancy

There is written a lot about the different stages of pregnancy, but almost everyone agrees on this: the first stage - also called the “first trimester” - is by far the weirdest stage. Some future mothers don’t feel almost anything, and other women suffer a lot from morning sickness, tiredness and so on. If you are expecting for the first time you probably want to find out what the stages of pregnancy are like. Basically, in my estimation, there are three general phases that a pregnant woman experiences: tired, fat and fat-and-tired. Each of the stages of pregnancy that I have experienced seems to follow the technical “three trimester” stages that your doctor might mention.

The first trimester is a little odd for first-time moms. I can tell you that this tired phase is pretty unusual because you notice some major changes in your body but you aren’t quite sure what is going on. This is my least favorite of the stages of pregnancy because all that you want to is sleep and you don’t know why.

You might think that you want to eat no matter which of the stages of pregnancy you are in but the first phase is a little tricky for some of us. I woke up each morning feeling tired and feeling the side of my commode. This went away in a week or two but some moms do refer to this phase as the “sick-mester”. I was glad that I am among the ones who were mostly just tired.

The second phase, or what your doctor will call the second trimester, is a bit of a honeymoon. This is the best of the stages of pregnancy that you will probably experience. However, my sister-in-law requested that I duly note that there are women who refer to this stage of pregnancy as the “I-am-still-sick-mester”. Hopefully, you will not be among the women who have morning sickness pregnancy symptoms during the honeymoon phase.

The third trimester is a little more challenging than the other stages of pregnancy. There are a lot of big (and I mean big) things going on. You can expect to feel pretty fat and bloated like in the second phase but you will notice that the swelling has spread to your fingers and toes. This means that you are almost ready to have your little one.

I found that the fat-and-tired phase is a little easier than the first trimester. This is because there is light at the end of the tunnel and I know that I’m almost done. The stages of pregnancy might be a little tiring and uncomfortable but you will find that having a baby is a wonderful journey when all is said and done.

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