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Your Moles Are Unique

We live in a mass society. As a reactin on that people desperately try to be unique and creative: something that sets them apart from the crowd. But did you ever think about your moles in this way: they are completely unique! Nobody on earth has the same pattern. To me this was a funny thought…
Most moles are hereditary and those that you were not born with may be a result of sun exposure. Like freckles, it is believed that moles can form due to overexposure to sunlight. While we are on the topic of skin and sun, I must remind you to protect your skin from sun damage by using an SPF-containing lotion on a daily basis. Most medical professionals advise that an SPF of 15 or higher is needed to protect your skin from damage.

Doctors, dermatologists, and mothers everywhere will tell you of the importance of putting skin care into your daily routine. Sun damage can lead to skin cancer and can be avoided by protecting your skin everyday even if it is a cloudy day. There is a common misconception that a cloudy day means no sun exposure but the fact is that UV rays can damage your skin at any time. The worst sunburn I ever had I got as a child on a cloudy day. I though that since the sun was not out that I was in the clear and I was wrong.

Many people have their moles removed based on their location or appearance. Many are left with some scar tissue at the removal site and sometimes there is a dark mark or depression left where the mole once resided. Moles, depending on how you look at them and how they look, can be beauty marks. Moles that have been viewed as beauty marks have been appreciated for many centuries and in many parts of the world. Women have, for a long time, used makeup to apply faux beauty marks. Typically, moles that are known as beauty marks are located on the face.

The most famous recent moles belong to Cindy Crawford, Madonna, and, my personal favorite, Enrique Iglesias. As far as America’s appreciation for the beauty mark goes, you can attribute it all to the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Although my favorite famous mole, that of Enrique Iglesias, was removed before its time, moles remain a unique characteristic of beauty in my opinion.

The only moles you need to worry about are those that are non-symmetrical or change shape or color over time. If you acquire new moles or your moles change in the ways described above, you may want a dermatologist to view them to make sure that there is nothing worrisome there. It is a good idea for everyone to get screened for skin cancer on a yearly basis.

People with moles seem may be as unique as snowflakes in that no two are alike. The pattern or appearance of your moles is most likely unlike any other in the world. Whether or not your special set of moles is deemed beautiful by popular definition, you should embrace these marks as a part of your physical personality. Your appearance is an important part of first impressions and if you have extraordinary moles you will definitely be remembered. 

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